Below is a list of training courses and guidance documents that focus on sustainable finance, responsible investment and E&S risk management for financial institutions

Face to Face courses available in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

Training Offered by the ESRM Program

In Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa the ESRM program offers the following training events for financial services regulators, consultants and banking professionals:

  • Face to Face Training of Trainers course (For consultants): These courses are designed to equip consultants with skills needed to help Financial Institutions (FIs) develop and and implement environmental and social risk management systems in compliance with in-country environmental and social risk management standards, such as the Ghana and Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles. Information on future Training of Trainers courses will be posted on this site.

  • Online awareness-raising events (For regulators, consultants and bankers): The ESRM program team are in the process of developing a short online course that introduces the business case for environmental and social risk management and gives an overview of how FIs can better integrate environmental and social risk considerations in their transaction processes.

  • Face to Face (preselected consultants) Advanced training of trainers (For trained consultants): The ESRM program team are actively working with financial institutions in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa to help improve their environmental and social management systems to meet best practice requirements. Top-performing consultants from in-country Training of Trainers courses (see above) will be invited to participate in capacity building clinics with financial institutions so that they can bring their expertise to the events and market their services to FIs.

Post-graduate professional training courses

The ESRM program has partnered with the below training institutions to offer environmental and social risk management training courses in our target markets:

  • Face to Face Rhodes Responsible Investment Short Course, South Africa:  Rhodes Business School offers an annual accredited certificate course on responsible investment and environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk management for Financial Institutions (FIs) in Johannesburg, South Africa. The program is delivered in partnership with the IFC’s Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Program. The certificate program aims to provide the participants with the key concepts, knowledge and understanding of how FIs manage their ESG risks and promote sustainable finance opportunities, including how these aspects are integrated within credit cycle management, portfolio assessment and reporting processes.

    The next course will be offered in early 2020. For more information please email Sindi Tommy:

  • Face to Face Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN): The institute is in the process of launching an accredited short course for bankers in Nigeria on the Nigeria Sustainable Banking Principles. The course is expected to be delivered for the first time in the second half of 2019 by CIBN and ESRM program team staff. For further information please email

In Ghana, the program is in the process of developing environmental and social risk management courses with various training institutions and will publish further information on them here soon.

Additional Resources


IFC Sustainability Training and E-Learning Program (STEP): This program has been designed for managers and staff of financial institutions with aim of helping participants to better understand sustainable finance, social and environmental risk management and explore sustainability-related business opportunities. It will take approximately 3 hours to complete the free training.

E-Learning Course on Managing Environmental and Social Performance: This high-level course is designed for FI staff to help them learn how to engage with clients on environmental and social risk management.

UNEP FI Environmental and Social Risk Assessment (ESRA) Course: The ESRA Course provides in-depth and personalized training designed for FI professionals but can also be taken by consultants. Tutors engage with participants online on a daily basis, providing guidance and facilitating debates. As a participant, you will be involved in a range of activities, from simulating the implementation of environmental and social policies and guidelines and analyzing case studies, to carrying out exercises based on your own companies environmental and social impacts. The course is conducted multiple times throughout the year in English, French and Spanish.



Frankfurt school sustainable finance course: The course will prepare participants to understand the major drivers and constraints of transforming the financial system. Furthermore, it will familiarize participants with business, regulatory and technical perspectives of sustainable finance. The course aims to enable financial professionals to integrate Sustainable Finance related aspects into their work through new knowledge and tools for advising their clients and business partners.


FIRST (Financial Institutions Resources and Tools) for Sustainability website: Provides tools, guidance case studies on the integration of E&S risk management considerations into financial institutions operations.

CDC Toolkit for Private Equity Funds: Best practice guidance for private equity firms on the integration of E&S risks into transaction processes, conducting due diligence studies and developing management systems. The site also contains guidance on E&S risks associated with key sectors of private equity investment.

Environmental and Social Due Diligence Guidance Note for Banks: This guidance note reflects IFC’s requirements for its financial institutions clients and was developed in consultation with the South African banking sector.

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