John Boateng Akuoko-Tawiah

CHAiNT Afrique Strategi Sustainability Consult

John is the ESG / Sustainable Banking Lead for Financial Institutions (FIs)/Consultant at CHAiNT Afrique Strategic Sustainability Consulting, the Consulting arm of CHAiNT Group. He is an Environmental, Social and Governance Safeguard and Resilience Specialist with multi-sectoral experience in the development of Environment, Social Risk Assessment and Management in Ghana. John’s experience spans from 10 years of experience in Credit Management, Operational Risk, ESG Audit Protocols and assessment in Financial Institutions and developing new environmental and social safeguards procedures and policies, providing environmental and social risk management training to diverse audiences, developing and managing sustainability reporting processes. Trained by Environmental and Social (E&S) Specialists from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Risk Management and Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), John has in-depth knowledge of IFC Performance Standards and IFC Environmental and Social Review Procedures and had developed ESMS for a variety of clients such as Banking and Non-Bank Financial Institutions. With knowledge and technical expertise in providing a range of environmental services across industries and sectors, John has conducted several E&S Due Diligence and Independent E&S Monitoring and Audits for large scale infrastructure projects by applying international and country-specific E&S standards. He currently manages the ESG portfolio of private clients, providing ESG advisory support to the firms and their portfolio companies.

About Chaint
CHAINT Group officially known as CHAiNT Afrique Ghana Ltd is a Change, Innovation and Transformation HuB, that specializes in simplifying environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) for organisations, ensuring that they focus on material issues to innovate and achieve maximum returns from their sustainability investments. We help Government, private sector and NGOs maximize their sustainability potential through strategic and relevant interventions that improve on their long term operational and financial performance. We support organisations through their growth process, focusing on innovating through the eco-efficiency lens while taking other related ESG parameters into consideration. We believe that a holistic but simplistic approach to addressing key ESG imperatives, helps identify intrinsically linked challenges and further unlocks inherent opportunities in ESG, thereby maximizing return in sustainability investments. Understanding that access to finance is a key barrier to the offtake of ESG, we pride ourselves as the first Sustainability Services Company in the Region. We collaborate with key partners locally and internationally to unlock barriers to access to finance for those initiatives we identify locally. We will be successful when our stakeholders see value in improved performance.