Godlove Otoo

Aspen Consulting


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About Godlove Otoo
Godlove is a finance, business, risk management and sustainability professional who has over the years developed in-depth expertise in sustainable business practice, business leadership, sustainable banking and finance, public policy, green economy, inclusive growth, climate change, climate finance, research and enterprise risk management.
About Aspen Consulting
Aspen is an integrated management and development consulting and advisory firm that provides results-driven services and solutions to private and public sector clients. Our advisory and consulting services and solutions are informed by an inter-disciplinary, evidence-driven and systems thinking approach. Inspired by the tree with the same name, Aspen thrives on the principles of regeneration, resilience, impact and sustainability.
Aspen’s overarching objective is to support organisations to transform their operations, improve their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and financial performance and achieve corporate sustainability. This is achieved through innovation, responsive and smart solutions and holistic corporate strategies and management systems while leveraging on circular economy opportunities. Within the public, development and social sector, Aspen supports organisations and development practitioners to design and implement long term sustainable, inclusive and climate resilient economic development strategies and responsive policy instruments. Through this, Aspen works towards the achievement of prosperous, green, inclusive and circular economies. Aspen is an impact consulting firm that designs, analyses and leads innovation for social and corporate transformation. Zest, Excellence, Resilience, Service and Transformation (ZERST) are the watchwords of Aspen and its people.
•Environment and Social Risk Management (ESRM) • Corporate and Sustainability Strategy •Sustainability Reporting •Sustainability Risk Assessment •Enterprise Risk Management •Market and Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement •Supply Chain and Life-Cycle Assessments •Product and Service Innovation •Impact Assessment •Social Impact •Change Management •Sustainable Energy and Energy Security •Climate Finance •Value for Money Analysis •Climate-Smart Solutions (Adaptation and Mitigation) •Corporate and Professional Training
Industries of Operation
•Financial Services and Institutions •Infrastructure •Private Equity and Principal Investment •Public Sector •Social Sector •Extractives •Retail and FMCG •Energy and Environment •Agriculture and Agribusiness